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Bail Bond Services for Buffalo & Syracuse, NY and Surrounding areas

Watching a loved one being arrested and taken into custody is a hard thing to witness. Instead of feeling helpless, take action by contacting Buffalo Bail Bonds Agency Inc! If your family member or friend has been granted release on bail, we can help bring them home safely!


Bail bonds are helpful when someone doesn't have the money to pay for a loved one's bail release. Our knowledgeable and experienced bail bondsman can provide you with prompt and confidential bail bond services in the Buffalo & Syracuse, NY as well as surrounding areas. For more information about how bail bonds work and how our services can help you, browse the rest of our site or contact us today!

Get out of Jail Today




Contact our


Main Office:

112 Franklin St. ~ Buffalo, NY 14202

Cell: (716) 713-5040

Office: (716)725-0007

Fax: (716)725-0053


Syracuse Office:

404 Oak Street Suite 292

Syracuse, NY 13203

Cell: (315) 640-5580

Office: (315) 299-6453

Fax: (315) 299-6500


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